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Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Contour Ergonomic Pillow

Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

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Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is made for sleepers that sweat or just want a cool feeling during the night. The gel pad is a cooling technology that helps heat dissipate and allows the body to stay cool while effectively absorbing moisture for anti-bacterial effect. Memory foam is known for its ability to conform to neck and head's shape allowing better support. It evenly distributes head and neck's weight to help relive pressure and and help prevent shoulder, neck and back pain.

Great Comfort. Comfort being the utmost priority, ergonomic pillows are designed to refresh any pressure or tension in the body while sleeping and provide a good night's sleep. 

Improved Posture. Promotes healthy posture by supporting spine alignment. 

Relieves Tension. Allow your body for a deep calming experience and free from tension. Find relaxation like you never had before.  






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