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I have been complaining about my back pain for years and years. It usually occurs when I lay down for too long. Ever since I got Ergopillo, my back pain wore off. Highly recommend!

Noel L.

Woke up neck tension-free!! For the longest time, I've been experiencing neck pain both on back and side until it was recently I came into a realisation that ergonomic pillows exist for that. Was hesitant at first since I've tried a memory foam that I got from the supermaket that did basically nothing. Very glad to have discovered ErgoPillo. Now every morning, I wake ip in a good mood!

Theresa A.

Couldn't ask for more. Such simple products bring such great relief! Im so happy I tossed my old pillow and replace it with ergopillo. Really. I'm the type who would normally purchase basic products but I splurge on essentials. Pillows are definitely essentials in my household.

Maria T.
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