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Knee Pillow Back Relief

Knee Pillow Back Relief

Knee Pillow Back Relief

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Ergonomically designed, the Knee Pillow Back Relief first comfortable between knees providing maximum comfort for side sleepers. It reduces sciatica pain that occurs on the lumbar or lower back area. It helps correct body position while sleeping and holds better hip and spine alignment while increasing comfort. The Knee Pillow Back Relief gives many benefits to give you well-rested at night and refreshed in the morning.

Great Comfort. Comfort being the utmost priority, ergonomic pillows are designed to refresh any pressure or tension in the body while sleeping and provide a good night's sleep. 

Improved Posture. Promotes healthy posture by supporting spine alignment. 

Relieves Tension. Allow your body for a deep calming experience and free from tension. Find relaxation like you never had before.






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